hae-breaker said: Do you have twitter account? Where you update or where we could ask you to translate something? :)

This is the first time we’ve been asked this question, actually.

I’ve never thought about opening one before, but since you asked, I’ve started one just for such questions. Follow @LearnKoreanAlex if Twitter is your go-to social network. I can’t see myself being super active on that account though, so Tumblr will still be your best bet to get a question answered.

I have no idea what I would update it with either so if anyone as requests or suggestions, let me know.


Introductions: Alex

Hey guys, 

We’re doing introductions all day, so here’s mine: I’m Alex and I’m the founder of this blog. I started this tumblr when someone asked me to on my personal account and it gained a lot more momentum than I expected.

I’m a second generation Korean-American from Northern California and speak English as my first language. I went to Korean language schools since I was about five, and attended them all the way through high school. Unfortunately, I never really paid much attention during those classes, so my working knowledge of Korean is pretty limited. I can help with basic grammar and maybe pronunciation, and pretty much elementary topics like colors and directions and stuff like that. If you’re interested at all, I can also answer questions about my experiences as a Korean-American, like how my family celebrates holidays or how we use the language.

If you want to learn more about me, just ask me over on my personal tumblr, otherwise I look forward to answering any questions you might have on Korean!

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